What the Nose Knows

the science of scent in everyday life


Chapter 1.
Odors in the Mind ~ Making sense of scents

Chapter 2.
The Molecules that Matter ~ The key ingredients of Nature’s chemistry set

Chapter 3.
Freaks, Geeks, and Prodigies ~ The wide range of olfactory ability

Chapter 4.
The Art of the Sniff ~ How the brain edits what the nose detects

Chapter 5.
A Nose for the Mouth ~ Cooking, eating, and evolution

Chapter 6.
The Malevolence of Malodor ~ When bad smells happen to good people

Chapter 7.
The Olfactory Imagination ~ Smell and creative genius

Chapter 8.
Hollywood Psychophysics ~ Scent and cinema

Chapter 9.
Zombies at the Mall ~ Leading consumers by the nose

Chapter 10.
Recovered Memories ~ Proust’s soggy madeleine

Chapter 11.
The Smell Museum ~ Preserving odors from the past

Chapter 12.
Our Olfactory Destiny ~ The future of smelling