“Avery Gilbert is the David Sedaris of the nostril,
the Mark Twain of the nasal passages.”—Alan R. Hirsch, MD

“An entertaining romp through the science of smell.”
—Anne Underwood

“One of those rare books which is so entertainingly
written that it is capable of captivating people who
have no previous interest in what they might assume
to be an esoteric subject. Other such works, I’d suggest,
include George Plimpton’s Fireworks . . .”—Robert Chalmers

“. . . a tour that awakens the senses . . . it is hard to resist
the sheer pleasure of reading the factoids packed into
this book.”—Mick O’Hare

“Written in a breezy, unaffected style . . . crackling with
humor and intellect.”—Anya McCoy

“smart, eminently readable . . . a lighthearted book,
packed with curious tidbits.”—Adam Begley

“In page after page of sensual descriptions, Gilbert imparts
to the reader his passion for the world of smell.”—Joseph Wilson

“ . . . the author seems never to have heard a fart joke
that he didn’t like (me either).”—Stuart Firestein, PhD